Scuba Diving On Molokai

Welcome to Molokai’s Official Scuba diving website. We will provide you with information about everything you need to know in order to dive on Molokai.

Perhaps the most spectacular, untouched reef in Hawaii is the one that protects the south shore of Molokai. A Scuba diver’s paradise, the 30-mile-long-reef offers outstanding diving. It features multiple turtle cleaning stations, blue holes, tropical fish, and endless miles of pristine coral.

Molokai’s reef is like no other in Hawaii with unspoiled waters and abundant sea life. It offers miles of fringing reef with nearly 40 different dive sites. This, along with almost no commercial activity, equals an extremely healthy, stunning reef that is full of life, waiting for you to explore!

A common misconception is that diving on Molokai is only for advanced divers. The reality is that Molokai has dives for every skill & experience level. We can accommodate those who are interested in just trying to dive for the very first time to those you are looking for advanced level dives.

What We See on Molokai’s Reef

Molokai diving offers you the chance to see a variety of amazing creatures, coral structures, & tropical fish. Although not guaranteed, we OFTEN encounter:

  • Green Sea Turtles
  • Spotted Eagle Rays
  • Manta Rays
  • Hawaiian Monk Seals
  • Dolphins

Molokai’s reef & coral structure has been named some of the healthiest in Hawaii. Some of the most common forms seen are:

  • Blue Rice coral
  • Green & Lime Green Lobe coral
  • Antler coral
  • Cauliflower coral
  • Finger Coral

While discovering Molokai’s reef, you’ll likely run into a wide variety of fish including:

  • Hawaiian Butterfly fish
  • Parrot fish
  • Variety of Wrasses
  • Surgeon fish
  • Trigger fish

The Dive Boats

All of our diving is done via boat due to the geographical structure of Molokai. We have 3 US Coast Guard certified T Vessels – the Nai’a, the Ama Lua & the Coral Queen. (Click to enlarge)

Dive Rates

  • 2 Tank Dive – $219.00
  • Advanced Dive- $389.00
  • Mokuho’oniki – $389.00
  • Passenger – $159.00
  • BCD or Regulator – $18.00